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US Visa Refusal

We must let you know that anyone can be refused a student visa, no matter your status or that of your sponsor status, but the good news is that you can always reapply as much as you were not banned, refusal is not permanent. The right to be issued or refused visas depends solely on the Interviewing consular officer or the Embassy.

Alpha Travel identified some common reasons for visa refusal;

- Incomplete financial documents to prove their sponsor’s financial capability

- Wrong completed visa application forms

- Improper visa counseling prior to visa appointment/interview date

- Students not credible or unable to defend their credentials, employment or qualification

- Incomplete documentation when making visa application

- Insufficient funds in student’s or sponsor’s bank account

- Ignorance on the part of the students

- Mistake on the part of the embassy

- Not having the right information to answer some questions on the visa application form

These reasons will go on and on again, as they are enormous.

How can we assist In your new visa application process?

First, you do not have any reason to lie on the application form, rather take advantage of the experience or qualification that you have. Our experience so far on visa application allows us to;-

- Scrutinize students' visa application documents properly and carefully (in most cases offer pre – visa application interviews) before going to some embassies.

- Present the financial status of the student or sponsor in such a manner that is likely to give

maximum confidence to the embassy that the funds are truly available for study


- Give applicant's detailed explanation on how to maximize their chance of obtaining the visa

- Guide students how to present their application in a favorable light to ensure visa success

- Study the travel or visa application history of the applicant, to enable us determine the actual pattern with which their application will be submitted.

Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland and Poland

The student visa issued by these Schengen countries is not Schengen Visa, they are Resident/Long term/National Visa as the case may be, the approval rate is very high from 70% to 100% especially Switzerland, but the applicants must meet up with application criteria of concerned Embassy, for instance in Spain, 1 Year Tuition must be paid with accommodation fee although immediate relative can stand as sponsors. In Germany, the applicant must open and maintain a blocked account after having an acceptance from German school.

France, Poland and Switzerland have their own Long term visa requirements as well, we have all the information and will advise accordingly.


The study permit approval rate from Nigeria is reducing every year, so we always advise prospective applicants and ensure they have;

- Strong and meaningful tie to Nigeria

- Pay Tuition in full or deposit even when the School did not require it.