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About France

One of Europe’s largest countries, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate/Masters programs are taught in French and English. However, we partner with schools that will offer you 100% English taught programs. It is, however encouraged that International student learn French during academic program so as to suitably fit for the society.

Tuition fee & Study duration

Undergraduate programs last for 3- 4 years. Fees at ₤8, 500 - ₤17, 000 per year. Postgraduate/Masters degrees last for 1 - 2 years (Masters/PgD/) with Tuition fee @ ₤5, 000 - ₤18, 000 per year.

Employment opportunity

The Post study, work visa of 12 months is available to students after completion of their academic program and can always be extended in line with applicant plan. Also students are legally permitted to work on and off campus.

Admission Processing

1. Once we receive a complete set of all scanned documents as per the instructions that will be given in acknowledged email, we will review and confirm that everything has been sent and send to school for eligibility.

2. There will be two rounds of Interview from the school admission officer to confirm the applicant understands and speaks English Language. If the applicant cracks first round of Interview then the student will precede for a second round of interview. Within a week, both Interview will be lined up.

3. Once an applicant clears Interview round, then within a week a conditional offer Letter will be issued.

Later, the applicant has to pay complete or part of Tuition fees directly to the school processed within a month before the deadline given as per offer letter and as required by the Embassy.

Once the school receives complete fees paid- T.T Copy, within a week all admission letters required for visa process will be issued viz.Final Admission and Registration Letter, Payment Receipt and Accommodation Letter.

Lastly, we will handle your student visa application and the advise you on required documents to gather once the Final Acceptance and registration letter, Tuition payment and accommodation receipts have been issued and received by us.

Admission requirements

1. Certified copy of your bachelor's degree(if Masters) or SSCE(if Bachelors) from an accredited university/Polytechnic or Secondary School.

2. Academic transcripts (for admission decision and Embassy or visa purpose)

3. Proof of English fluency (there will be a phone interview with an admission officer to confirm applicant can speak and understand English Language)

4. Updated CV/resume

5. Copy of passport/datapage

Are you ready to apply? 

Please submit your application through . You also have the opportunity to upload your supporting documents like Copy of Passport, certificates, resume etc

Possible Academic programs

1. MBA (Three terms/One year- Tuition paid in four installments)

2. MS international relation (Three terms/One year- Tuition paid in four installments) with 11 concentrations to choose from.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (Six semesters/three years)- First year Tuition is paid in three installments, second and third year tuitions are paid in two installments)

4. Bachelor of Business Management (Six semesters)- First year Tuition is paid in three installments, second and third year tuitions are padi in two installments)

5. English Foundation Program (One Semester) - Tuition is paid in two installments.

6. Building Bridging Program - Tuition is paid in two installments.

7. Associate of International Business

8. Bachelor of International Business, International Relations & Diplomacy.

9. Master of International Business, International Relations & Diplomacy.

Intake terms

- October

- February

- December

- Every month of the year

Processing time

3 to 6 weeks

School Network

1. College de Paris

2. Schiller International University – Paris


Paris - France