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Marital Status*
Proposed Country of Visit*
Do you intend to visit a family friend friend or immediate relative?*
If yes to the above, what is the family member's immigration status in that country?*
Do you intend to visit as a general visitor *
(who is going on pleasure and not attending any family occasion, conference and many more)?
Will your Family friend or organization inviting you accommodate you?*
Will your Family member/contact / Organization / Friend abroad Invite you and *
send you all necessary and required Immigration documents?
immediate member of your family e.g Spouse and Children? If yes, write their full name and date of birth
,interested members name and date of birth on it is on Passport.
Present Employment Status*
Do you have an invitation to attend an events/occasions like*
Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, Conference and many more
Have you visited your Country of interest before?*
Have you applied for Visa and denied by your Country of Interest before?*
Were you issued visa by your Country of interest before but did not travel?*
Who will sponsor your trip? *
All Embassies require applicants to have money in their personal account or 3rd party account as proof of financial support. You are expected to present at Embassy or submit bank statement that reads substantial amount when applying for the visa
Were you denied entry or deported at the port of entry of your country of interest?*
Do you want us to book Sightseeing/Tourist places to visit for you?*
everything that you want us to know about your proposed trip,experience with Embassy and background)
1) All the information provided are correct 2) Only Embassy has the right to deny Visa 3) Only Embassy has the right to issue Visa 4) The above information is for me 5) I fully agree to terms and services of the agent
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This form is for applicants that want or intend to Visit foreign Country on Vacation or Tourism;

Phone: 08108019599, 08074065659


[email protected] (for admission update)

[email protected] (for admission document)

[email protected] (for admission purpose,

general enquiries and test registration)